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Collectia manages the entire debt collection process from automated payment reminders to later stages of legal proceedings. We are also very active in debt purchases.

We are backed by an international mid-market private equity firm, Silverfleet Capital, and we have a committed funding facility in place for debt purchase which means we can act quickly and with high certainty/deliverability.


Our invoice service ensures that your customers receives invoices on time. You don’t have to spend time on administrative tasks. Instead use your valuable time running and developing your business.

Dunning service

Let Collectia send out payment reminders to your customers. The service is included in all of our subscriptions and is an effective tool to recover the the outstanding debt.


Tired of spending time on bad payers? Then let us help you. We ensure provide at respectful but effective collection process for your company.


Are we unable to recover your money in the normal collection process we will transfer the case to long-term monitoring.

Written-of claims

If you have written off some debts, we can offer to resume the recovery of these.

Legal proceeding

If we are unable to make your customer pay in the normal collection process, we or our law partner can offer to take your case to court.

Credit rating

Credit rate your private and business customers via our credit rating platform, Qatchr. Here you can also check if they are registered in our debt register.