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About Us

Collectia is a leading technology-driven company specializing in credit management, including credit assessment, invoicing, debt collection, digital payment solutions, and data monitoring. Besides our headquarters in Copenhagen, we have eight offices across Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Germany, employing nearly 300 dedicated staff and serving over 20,000 customers throughout Europe.

We are a people-focused company in every respect. Our committed employees are our most valuable asset. Members of the Collectia family are trained to the highest standards and receive ongoing support and training to ensure that debtors experience fair, professional, and respectful treatment in their interactions with us. We believe that investing in our employees is crucial to delivering the best possible service to both our customers and debtors.

We utilize advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavior pattern recognition to optimize our credit management processes. Simultaneously, our experienced staff provides efficient and reliable service to all our customers.

Collectia has built a reputation as a dependable and trusted partner in the credit management industry due to our consistent commitment to ethical business principles, technological innovation, and environmental sustainability. Whether you are a business owner looking to manage financial risks or a debtor seeking fair and respectful treatment, we offer tailor-made solutions that meet situational needs.

In addition to our commitment to fair treatment of individuals with debt and the use of innovative technology solutions, we also prioritize reducing our environmental impact. We are dedicated to decreasing our CO2 footprint by implementing sustainable methods and technologies throughout our organization.

Today, Collectia is owned by Silverfleet Capital – a leading capital fund based in London with over 30 years of investment experience in mid-sized European companies. Since 2016, Collectia has been on an ambitious growth journey, including several company acquisitions in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, and Denmark. The expansion strategy and journey upon which Collectia has embarked have significantly added value and progress to the organization, a trend we expect to continue.

Treating Customers and Debtors with Fairness and Respect

Our business centers around people, focusing on generating value for companies and contributing to a healthy economy.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each situation, we are committed to treating individuals according to their present social and economic circumstances. Our thorough coaching of employees ensures that debtors are treated fairly and with respect. By empathizing with debtors, viewing situations from their perspective, we provide a dignified and respectful experience, striving to make the process stress-free.

Moreover, we partner exclusively with customers who share our commitment to fairness, avoiding excessive interest rates and unreasonable fees.

Management Team


Anders S. Rosenbeck
Chief Executive Officer
   +45 2675 0100

Jesper Winther

Jesper Winther
Chief Sales Officer
   +45 7730 1493

Daniel B

Martin Høy
Chief Financial Officer
   +45 7730 1600

Daniel B

Daniel Bremann
Chief Operating and Technology Officer
   +45 7730 1476

Anne N

Anne Nielsen
VP, People & Culture
   +45 7730 1441

Alfons Winhart

Alfons Winhart
Country Manager, Germany
   +49 (0)171 93 45 196

Christian Mysen

Christian Mysen
Country Manager, Norway
   +47 91 339 210

Fredrik J.

Fredrik Josephson
Country Manager, Sweden
   +46 73 514 56 99

Our Purpose

  • To support a healthy economy by handling debt collection in a professional, respectful, and fair manner. We offer full transparency to our customers as well as to debtors, and we aspire to be frontrunners in digital development with all modern communication platforms as well as easy payment solutions.

  • To be known as the leading digital, efficient, and fair partner in the European credit management industry.

We Live by Our Values

At Collectia we work according to four core values that permeate our way of thinking and working in everyday life. Values are often something we just talk about, but at Collectia we live by them.

Værdier - Respectful - Collectia - 2023


We respect the individuals we help in their current situation. This applies to debtors who we advise on how to handle their bad debt, customers who rely on Collectia to help them collect their debt and our employees to whom Collectia provides a positive work environment built on trust, equality, and diversity.

Værdier - Passionate - Collectia


The employees of Collectia are dedicated and passionate. They devote themselves to their work and are enthusiastic. We want our customers to feel our commitment and therefore it is of great importance to train employees to develop the right attitude and approach.

Værdier - Transparent - Collectia


This is a very important value for Collectia. We manage your money and customer relationships, and therefore honesty is really important to us. We are honest in everything we do, so there is complete transparency for our customers, employees, and shareholders.

Værdier - Innovative - Collectia


We evaluate our processes and systems continuously. We are curious to find new and better approaches, to think differently and to be at the forefront of new trends. It shows in the way we work with data and process digitalization, as well as our ongoing optimization efforts.

The Journey

Collectia has come a long way since it was founded in 1998. Growing from a small Danish company, it has become an international Pan-Nordic IT company specializing in credit scoring and management.

The company has grown from 50 employees in Denmark to nearly 300 employees across our offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Germany.



The company was established in the Danish market in 1998.

Acquired by Findos Capital


Acquired by the German private equity fund Findos Capital

Opens Office in Sweden


Opens an office in Sweden, Malmö. The first market expansion of many to come.

Expands to Germany


Expands to Germany by acquiring the German debt collection company PNO Inkasso – today Collectia GmbH.

Acquires two Swedish Companies


Acquires the two Swedish debt collection companies OpusCapita Kredithanterarna AB and Svenska Fakturaköp AB​.

Expands to Norway


Acquires the Norwegian debt collection company, Crone AS. A unique opportunity to offer our existing customers a Nordic solution.

Acquired by Silverfleet Capital


Acquired by UK private equity firm Silverfleet Capital, which has an ambitious expansion strategy aimed at continuing to grow our business internationally. 

Acquires Dr. Duve Inkasso GmbH


Acquires the German debt collection company Dr. Duve Inkasso GmbH (DDI). DDI provides debt collection services in Germany and focuses on the private sector, including the pharmaceutical industry.

Expands to Finland


Collectia opens office in Finland.

Acquires Kredinor A/S


Collectia acquires the Danish part of Kredinor (former KIS), as part of our ambitious expansion strategy. The acquisition will complement our existing business, positively support our further development and create even more value for you as a customer.

Launches Credit Rating platform


Collectia launches its credit rating platform Qatchr. A user-friendly platform that gives Danish businesses a complete and accurate insight into the financial situation of customers and suppliers.

Acquires Equity Gruppen AS


Collectia strengthens its position in the Norwegian market with the acquisition of the well-established debt collection company, Equity Gruppen AS. Crone and Equity Gruppen will merge into Collectia Norge A/S.

Anders Rosenbeck Becomes CEO of Collectia


Collectia welcomes our new CEO Anders Rosenbeck. An experienced business leader who has worked in senior roles in the financial and IT sectors.