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The Green Journey

Project ‘Going Green’ aims to ensure that Collectia achieves its goal in an environmentally sound manner. From our point of view, taking a firm green standpoint provides both human and business value.

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As a main sponsor we have, together with Xplora and United Cities, launched the Net Zero project in Lebanon. A project with the distinct aim of helping locals improving their quality of life without at the same time generating a  carbon footprint.

Reducing our CO2 footprint

Paper consumption reduction, solar cells on the office roof, encouraging the transition to EV’s by installing charging stations, waste sorting and establishing green KPIs are just a few of our initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.

Adopting a new mindset

To help the sustainability vision of Collectia the employees must adopt a ‘green’ mindset. Employees are critical in identifying resourceful ways to create a sustainable workplace.

Project transparency and training are key.

Project Net Zero: Xplora and Collectia in Libanon

Collectia Group is proud to be the main sponsor of Xplora’s project ‘Net Zero’ in Lebanon. Together, we will help the local community to better living conditions by establishing sustainable energy sources in a country deeply affected by the current energy crisis and weakened national economy.

Go to the article to read more about how Xplora and Collectia will make a difference in Lebanon in collaboration with United Cities.