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Collectia’s credit management services encompass a series of interconnected processes and workflows.

Our credit rating solutions aim to boost business cash flow by minimizing late payments through early detection and prevention of bad debts. Simultaneously, our sophisticated collection processes diligently work to recover past-due debts.



Our invoicing solution guarantees timely delivery of every invoice. Opting for Collectia’s invoicing service reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, empowering our customers to focus more on their business’s growth and operations.

We handle all aspects of payment processing, including recording payments, reconciling debtor ledgers, and transferring payments to customers.


Credit Rating

At Collectia, we’ve developed Qatchr, a proprietary credit rating platform. This platform offers businesses a user-friendly interface to gain a comprehensive and accurate view of the financial status of their customers and suppliers, encompassing both businesses and private individuals.


Reminder Service

Effective reminder management is a common challenge in many businesses. Poor management in this area, whether through mail, email, outbound calls, or SMS, can adversely affect a company’s liquidity, cash flow, and overall profitability. Should debtors overlook Collectia’s reminder process, we typically escalate the unpaid invoice to our debt collection process.


Debt Collection

We provide a complete debt collection service, encompassing everything from digital payment reminders to legal case management. As a single expert partner, we ensure that each stage of the process is handled with 100% legal accuracy. Our digital solutions leverage advanced statistical models, enabling data-driven decisions that outperform human capabilities in identifying outstanding debt recovery opportunities.

International Debt Collection by Collectia Group

International Collection

Our International Debt Collection service is your trusted partner in recovering outstanding debts from across the globe. With our expert team and global network of resources, we specialize in navigating the complexities of cross-border debt recovery efficiently and effectively.

Legal Proceeding

While most cases are resolved through traditional and extrajudicial means, legal action becomes necessary when debtors are unresponsive, refuse to pay, or dispute the claim. In such scenarios, we collaborate with our internal law firm to transition cases to judicial debt collection.


Post an unsuccessful debt collection process or a court judgment without payment, clients can opt to move the case into long-term monitoring. During this phase, we persistently remind the debtor of their obligation while conducting ongoing creditworthiness assessments and initiating collection campaigns.



Over time, customer information such as addresses or phone numbers may change. Gathering and updating this data can be a cumbersome task. Collectia offers customized data cleansing solutions tailored to specific company and industry needs, ensuring that client databases remain accurate and up-to-date.