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Tech-enabled Credit Management Service Provider

Collectia is a pioneering company at the forefront of technology-driven credit management services, dedicated to supporting companies in maintaining a robust economy.

In recent years we have been on an ambitious growth journey that includes company acquisitions in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Norway, where we operate today.

International Debt Collection v2

International Collection

Navigate international debt collection with ease. Collectia offers expert guidance in local and global markets, ensuring professional handling of your debts across diverse cultures and legal landscapes.

Our innovative platform streamlines the process, supporting clients worldwide. Join our global network of satisfied clientele today.

A People-Focused Company

We are a people-focused company in every respect. Our committed employees are our most valuable asset. Members of the Collectia family are trained to the highest standards and receive ongoing support and training to ensure that debtors experience fair, professional, and respectful treatment in their interactions with us.

We believe that investing in our employees is crucial to delivering the best possible service to both our customers and debtors.

Our Green Journey

Acting responsibly towards our customers and their debtors, our employees, the environment, and society in general lies deep in our organizational culture. Since 2016, Collectia has been on an ambitious expansion journey. So far, the journey has consisted of several company acquisitions abroad and significant growth in the Danish market.

In parallel with the journey and the strategy behind the expansion, we launched the project A Greener Collectia. The project aims to ensure that we achieve our goals in an environmentally sound manner. In our view, it provides both human and business value.

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Excellent Customer Journey

Secure Payment: Customer trust is paramount, especially in financial transactions. To ensure this, we provide access to cutting-edge, secure payment technologies, guaranteeing both the safety of transactions and swifter payment processing.

Support: Our specialized support team comprises skilled debt advisors dedicated to offering professional guidance. This support is aimed at facilitating debt settlement while simultaneously nurturing and enhancing the relationship between the debtor and our customer.

Transparency: Our sophisticated online case portal offers a detailed overview of all collection activities, encompassing both ongoing and finalized cases. Concurrently, we offer MyCollectia, a free service for debtors. This platform enables them to effectively manage their debts, execute payments, set up installment plans, and communicate with us seamlessly.