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ESG Collectia

ESG is the core of our DNA

Acting responsibly towards our clients and their customers, our employees, the environment, and society, in general, lies deep in the roots of the Collectia organization.

Robust governance helps Collectia Group clearly define our sustainability ambitions and to help establish the structures and processes that help us to achieve them.

It helps to keep us on course as we work toward achieving our commitments and to navigate the key risks and opportunities presented by sustainability issues.

Treating customers fairly

Ensuring by coaching of employees that we treat our customers fairly and we maintain an open-minded approach and actively seek to help our customers get out of their debt in the most cost efficient and fastest manner

Investing in our people

Our employees are our strongest asset and therefore we want to ensure the best conditions for growing professionally and personally through education and career development for the benefit of our customers and clients. A strong focus is also maintained on the work environment including the work/life balance

Værdier - Transparent - Collectia

Responsible client selection

We only wish to work with clients who also treat their customers fairly and who do not apply excessive interest rates or unfair fees etc.