Net Zero

Our biggest sustainability project to date.

“This is something bigger than ourselves”

Collectia Group is proud to be the main sponsor of Xplora’s project ‘Net Zero’ in Lebanon. Together, we will help the local community to better living conditions by establishing sustainable energy sources in a country deeply affected by the current energy crisis and weakened national economy.

In darkened streets, in a city powered by dirty diesel generators, Xplora has now laid the foundation for a worldwide project which will help make the world a better place. Together with United Cities and our partners, we will engage our users to achieve the UN’s goal of building infrastructure and the supply of green energy in 10,000 cities by 2030.

We need your help!

Through our activity platform, Goplay, we want to activate both the local population and children around the world to contribute to sustainable change. Every step you and your children take is converted into a value that will eventually transform cities into an engine to create a better and greener future for all of us!

The starting point is thus in Lebanon, where a selection of cities will form the pilot project for the rollout of the United Cities’ program. In Lebanon, there is an energy crisis. The lack of electricity and a challenging national economy make living conditions extremely difficult.

A vicious cycle

The selected cities will have the opportunity to develop a sustainable energy supply with new photovoltaic systems, which will meet the need for green electricity. It will also help establish better health services, education, food production, and transport.

Xplora is now in the country to launch perhaps the most important project in the company’s five-year history.

‘Lebanon is both in energy and an economic crisis. They have power only two hours a day. They use diesel generators to create enough energy to make daily life go around. But this is not a long-term solution. The country has almost 90 percent inflation, and they do not have the opportunity to get out of this vicious circle’ says Reitan, Xplora Project Manager.

Let’s create change

We can’t imagine what it is like to live in such conditions. Hospitals, schools, working life, and politics suffer. Changes are needed. First and foremost for the locals, but also for the world as a whole. We are all in the same boat.

We want to contribute to local knowledge and a process that gives them an opportunity to change the current situation. They will have the opportunity to build on this themselves. This is work that does not happen overnight. Therefore, we are ready for a long race where we invite children and parents with the Xplora watch and app, partners, and last, but not least, the locals in the cities, to create a change. All you have to do is to be active and donate your steps.

Information, knowledge, and education. These are the mainstays of this project.

‘People need to get involved, and we have to work together. The international community has a social responsibility. We want to build a partnerships between the locals and all of us. Together we are strong. Xplora has an important role here and we want to create history. We hope that as many as possible will join us in supporting this work.’ says Reitan.

A global collaboration

Together with local businesses, political leaders, representatives from universities, and United Cities, the goal is to create agreements and progress in the sustainability project “Net Zero in 12 months”. The goal is for new photovoltaic systems to transform an entire city to become carbon-neutral in one year!

This means that the city will produce as much sustainable energy as the city’s carbon footprint. This has never been done before.

‘We will set a world record. This pilot will be scaled to a number of cities around the world’ says an enthusiastic Reitan.

United Cities

Xplora, together with United Cities and our partner Collectia, want to tailor a digital and social platform that makes it possible to involve, engage, inspire and educate a much larger audience than just the locals.

Through activity campaigns, Xplora will enable people around the world to transform physical activity into humanitarian work.

‘The long-term benefits come from solar cells that will provide a new source of renewable energy. Current non-sustainable solutions must be scrapped. Those who get involved in the project help those who do not currently have access to a better life, knowledge, and education in sustainable behavior. Ultimately, the goal is long-term and sustainable solutions. We will do this by using new technology, establishing collaboration between governments, businesses as well as the scientific community, and involving people around the world. Together with people and companies that understand we MUST change to sustainable solutions, we will change the world’ says Reitan.


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