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Sebastian S. •

Qatchr is Now Live! Introducing Our Own Credit Rating Platform

We are incredibly pleased to announce the launch of our new credit rating platform, Qatchr!

The user-friendly platform gives our users complete and accurate insight into the financial situation of their customers and suppliers. Qatchr is the safety net that forms the framework for safe and profitable credit relationships. We help prevent financial loss in several different ways. In addition to offering a user-friendly credit rating tool, we also help companies monitor their customer database.

Features and Services

Below you can see some of the many features and services we offer our users:
  • Credit check companies
  • Credit check private customers
  • Company monitoring
  • Blacklist
  • Data wash
  • KYC

Who is Qatchr?

At Qatchr, we understand the seriousness of receiving payment when you have delivered a service or product – so you can continue to focus on the development and operation of your business. However, as a company, you will inevitably encounter customers, suppliers, or partners who have trouble regarding their economy. Not only is it annoying or frustrating, but it can also be harmful and destructive to the individual business in the long run. That is why we have developed a credit tool and debt register, which allows you to credit assess companies and private customers via a user-friendly online platform. We see ourselves as the safety net that can help companies avoid bad payers in advance and thus secure their business against financial losses.