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Redefining our corporate purpose


Collectia has been on an extensive growth journey both in terms of acquisitions but also organically. We have evolved and improved the business, so we find it essential to revisit our purpose. Therefore, we can finally announce our new mission, vision, and values for Collectia, which will ensure a link between our long-term plans for the future of Collectia and our short-term tasks.

The Collectia Way

Our vision is to be known as the leading digital, efficient, and fair partner in the European credit management industry.

Our mission is to support a healthy economy by handling debt collection professionally, respectfully, and fairly. We offer full transparency to our customers and debtors, aspire to be the frontrunners in digital development, and offer communication platforms and easy payment solutions.

Our values

Our vision and mission don’t stand alone without securing our culture within the organization is able to achieve it. Therefore, we encourage everyone to be passionate, respectful, innovative, and transparent.

01 Passionate

The employees of Collectia are dedicated and passionate. They devote themselves to their work and are enthusiastic. We want our customers to feel our commitment and therefore it is of great importance to train employees to develop the right attitude and approach.


02 Respectful

We respect the individuals we help in their current situation. This applies to debtors who we advise on how to handle their bad debt, customers who rely on Collectia to help them collect their debt, and our employees to whom Collectia provides a positive work environment built on trust, equality, and diversity.

03 Innovative

We evaluate our processes and systems continuously. We are curious to find new and better approaches, to think differently, and be at the forefront of new trends. It shows in the way we work with data and process digitalization, as well as our ongoing optimization efforts.


04 Transparent

Being transparent makes it easier for employees, customers, and debtors to collaborate on shared objectives. At Collectia, we also believe that transparency builds relationships, increases productivity, and creates trust among people.


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